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EKOEN - changes the rules of the game in electromobility

What should an ideal charging station look like? Is the use of an "electrician" a long charging time and sitting in the car with the charger? No, it's in the past! Bartosz Kubik is developing a network of centralized and integrated ultra-fast charging stations under the EKOEN brand, thanks to which he will set the pace for the growth of electromobility in cities. It is also a new quality that treats EV drivers exceptionally, ensuring the availability of charging, speed and comfort at the station.

EKOEN is a real revolution on the market of charging services, as well as catering facilities and a comfortable rest area for drivers waiting to recharge their batteries. One station has at least 5 charging points with different powers and different fast and ultra-fast charging connectors, allowing you to top up the energy in the vehicle in a maximum time of 30 minutes. Visitors to the station can take advantage of a unique café, as well as a special lounge area for electric car drivers and available 24 hours a day. Using the recharging services is simple, does not require dedicated applications, special cards or prior registration.

EKOEN is a response to global trends and market needs, especially of city dwellers. On the one hand, it is a vision of the future station and, on the other hand, the result of the experience gained while creating Ekoenergetyka and developing its products.

- When opening the first EKOEN station in Zielona Góra at the beginning of 2020, we wanted to show and test a solution that will change the approach to electromobility, putting the user of an electric car in the center. Changing a vehicle to a more environmentally friendly one must be associated with the comfort of its use. Today we know that it was a very good step. A year ago, EKOEN in Zielona Góra was an experiment, the first such station in Europe. Its users have convinced us that this type of station is the right solution that gives the comfort and safety of using an electric car, which is why I decided to start a dynamic development of our network. The market confirms the rightness of this direction, similar stations are already opening in Great Britain, Germany or Italy - says the President of EKOEN, Bartosz Kubik, as well as the founder of the Polish producer of fast charging stations Ekoenergetyka - Polska S.A.

100 EKOEN stations will be built in Poland and abroad by 2026

As announced by the President of Kubik, 100 EKOEN stations will be built in Poland and abroad in the next five years. Soon, the first stations will appear in Polish cities.

- Since 2009, as a co-founder of Ekoenergetyka, together with my team, I have been building the electromobility market in Poland and Europe, mainly in the public transport segment. The experience of those years and the rapidly growing market of electric vehicles confirm my conviction that this is the right moment to further influence the electromobility market and accelerate the growth of the number of electric car users. When choosing an "electrician", we want to feel safe and be sure that we have available and reliable stations, that we do not have to wait in line. Our stations provide not only this, but also speed, simplicity and comfort - "You load, pay, leave" - adds Bartosz Kubik.

Why EKOEN matters?

One hundred EKOEN charging stations can service up to 9 million vehicles per year. Only in 2020 alone, EKOEN in Zielona Góra served nearly 10,000 vehicles. This is especially important in cities where, in addition to private users, electric cars are also starting to appear in company fleets, taxis, courier buses or as last mile vehicles. Vehicle makers have announced that they are aiming for a mass popularization of "electricians", also by aligning the charging time of an electric vehicle to the refueling of current internal combustion cars. That is why it is so important to build multi-station ultra-fast charging stations.

- Stations of this type will help in maintaining parking spaces in cities that are worth their weight in gold for car users. The construction of one EKOEN station on the new plot will "save" up to a hundred parking spaces, because we do not block city parking lots - says President Kubik.

- EKOEN's technological partner is Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A., which will provide the latest fast and ultra-fast charging systems. On selected EKOENs, we plan to implement such novelties as stations with a capacity of 750 kW and 1500 kW ("NeU" - Network of Ultrachargers). They will be intended mainly for the heavy goods vehicle segment, and in the future also for passenger cars. We are convinced that thanks to cooperation with Ekoenergetyka, EKOEN will always be based on the latest technological solutions. - adds Bartosz Kubik. Europe has already made a step in this direction, and during the March Power Day, one of the automotive concerns announced the implementation of 18,000 ultra-fast charging points together with partners from countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy. Time for Poland!

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