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Ekoen - station of the future

The Ekoen alternative fuel station brings new quality to the e-mobility industry. This is another step forward and the beginning of a new era in the electromobility market - a long-awaited project for the EV vehicle industry, which traces back to the roots of its creators. It was ten years ago that Ekoenergetyka-Polska started its great adventure of focusing on electric cars. Why is Ekoen special?

First of all, Ekoen is a place created especially for users of electric vehicles. No more charging stations blocked by internal combustion vehicles. Five ultra-fast charging points reduce battery powering to a minimum. This gives the opportunity to develop real electromobility as drivers discover a place where they can easily charge their vehicle. Traveling with an EV vehicle must include freedom and convenience.

A big advantage of the Ekoen station is the simple payment method for charging. You drive, connect, charge and ... pay. No application, no subscription, no registration - any payment card or cash is enough. This solution definitely affects the comfort of traveling.

Charging an electric vehicle is time consuming. At Ekoen station we have made sure you will be comfortable and be able to spend a few pleasant minutes while you wait. From 6:30 am to 9 pm you can enjoy a delicious meal and drink aromatic coffee in our bistro. In addition, we have created a special VIP relaxation zone for drivers who charge their vehicles with us. By using a special code that you will receive when you connect your car to the charger, you will be able to enter the relaxation zone and find a comfortable armchair, your favorite newspaper and something to drink that will make your wait much easier.

Ekoen provides a new standard of travel thanks to having many individual charging points, fast charging, easy payment and a rich gastronomic offer. This solution will help contribute to the popularization of zero-emission cars. All this means Ekoen is the future of electromobility.