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Scania Polska and Ekoen - strategic partnership

The first public and fast-charging HUBs for trucks as part of the cooperation between Scania Polska and Ekoen will be launched at Scania services, among others in Nadarzyn, Choroszcz near Białystok and in Gliwice. The aim of the cooperation is to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and to provide customers with comprehensive solutions in the field of electric trucks and their charging systems.

 Processes related to the reduction of CO2 emissions, air pollution and noise accelerate, among others, as a result of growing requirements for sustainable development. Maintaining the dominant position of Poland in the EU road transport will be possible thanks to ensuring the competitiveness of Polish transport companies in this area. The more and more common use of electric drives in trucks and vans is associated with the development of fast charging technologies and systems. Only the joint action of legislators, providers of transport and infrastructure solutions and transport users can make this strategy a success.

This is an important day for the development of heavy transport electromobility in Poland. Electrification will only become a reality with the cooperation of partners specializing in energy and infrastructure. Only in this way can we introduce electric trucks into traffic and contribute to the decarbonisation and competitiveness of Polish transport. If we want to accelerate the change towards sustainable transport, we cannot look to others, we must act here and now - comments Wojciech Rowiński, CEO of Scania Polska S.A.

 HUBs for charging electric vehicles

Ekoen, as part of the implementation of the "EKOEN-100" Program, declares its readiness to closely cooperate with leaders in the development of electromobility in the context of, inter alia, locations for the construction of ultra-fast charging HUBs. The aim of this cooperation is to create a network of ultra-fast Ekoen eTruck HUBs intended mainly for heavy-duty electric vehicles.

- I am convinced that the unique in our country concept of the EKOEN eTruck HUB and the strategic cooperation with Scania Polska will accelerate the process of electrification of heavy transport in Poland - similarly to the electric bus market, in the development of which we participated - says Bartosz Kubik, CEO of Ekoen 

Ekoen eTruck HUBs will be built, among others at Scania Polska services located next to the transport corridors for trucks along the Trans-European Transport Network - TEN-T. Ultimately, the development of infrastructure for electrification of heavy transport is planned throughout Poland.

HUB Ekoen eTruck is a unique concept of a multi-station, ultra-fast and public charging station adapted to the service of heavy-duty electric vehicles. It was created based on the exchange of experiences during joint workshops with the participation of experts from both companies. The HUBs will also be available for electric passenger and delivery vehicles and will offer fast charging. Ultimately, vehicles will be charged with 750 kW and 1.5 MW chargers.