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What is the difference between the comfort of charging your EV from AC points and fast charging at an EKOEN station?

Is it still comfortable to drive an electric car for an hour and then charge it from the AC socket for several more? In our opinion, this way is uncomfortable.

We ourselves are users of electric cars, we often have the opportunity to talk to other electric car drivers. On the basis of the information obtained, we have created the concept of EKOEN charging station, for which the priority is the comfort of electric car users.

Charging directly from an AC source (AC charging)

The power source as an electrical outlet in urban space, on the wall of a garage or at home may be available in several versions with different power ratings: 2.4 kW; 3.7 kW; 7.7 kW; 11 kW (3-phase); 22 kW (3-phase). Often found on the street, the socket offers 3.7 kW. Charging from such a source means that the battery charging time in a smaller electric car (with a range of about 200 km) will take 9-13 hours. If we would like to recharge the battery of a larger EV, one that has a range of about 400 km, we will spend from 20 to 30 hours at the 3.7 kW socket.

When we have the fastest AC 22 kW charger available, it turns out that few cars are able to use this power. Then charging e.g. Renault ZOE (a car that can charge AC 22 kW) takes more than two hours, and selected Tesla models about seven.  Most electric cars are designed to charge AC with a maximum power of 7.7 kW or 11 kW. In such cases, we need from 5 to 15 hours to recharge the electrician in urban space.

What should the driver and travellers do with each other during this time? How will drivers of electric taxis or vans do their business? A long waiting period for the completion of the charging process effectively discourages from changing over to an electrician.

Charging from the DC quick charging station

The capacity of the quick charging station ranges from a few dozen to even 350 kW. DC charging is always the fastest possible method of topping up the car battery. When using the maximum available power of this type of station we can be sure that the full cycle will not last longer than one hour. However, significant recharging will be achieved after just 30 minutes.

EKOEN station is a proposal for those who need to rest, meet or work and during this time quickly recharge the battery in their car.